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Australia’s Hidden Gems: Things To Do In Bright And Mountains

December 13, 2017
Bright: Mt Buffalo View

Of all the places we have visited in Australia so far, the Victorian Alps and the little town of Bright are for sure one of the highlights of the trip. Tucked in the middle of the mountains, it took us a couple of days to wrap our heads around the fact that Australia indeed has proper mountains. It feels like mountains, it looks like mountains, it’s amazing. We put together a few ideas of what to do while you are in Bright, so you can come to love it like we do.

Drive To Mount Buffalo

Bright: Mount Buffalo Viewpoint

One Of the Beautiful Viewpoints On Top Of Mount Buffalo, Close To Bright, Australia

The drive here is just a suggestion. You can also walk or ride. I ran up as a part of the 4 Peaks race. In any case, Mt Buffalo is special. In the winter, it hosts a couple of small ski resorts (another really funny concept to me – Australian skiing ūüėČ ). Summertime has it buzzing with cyclists and hikers. You can visit the historical chalet and chill on the steep cliffs overlooking the surrounding valleys. If you are feeling active, try to hike up the Big Walk with many short side trips to different rock formations.

Hike To Mt Feathertop

Mt Feathertop is the second highest mountain in Victoria and probably the coolest full day hike you can do from Bright. It will lead you through the forests to the tops of Victorian mountains. The summit is covered in snow for a better part of the year and is popular for backcountry skiing in the winter. This is an intense hike of about 22 km return trip and should be attempted only by experienced hikers. If you are up for the challenge though, the views are stunning. You can check out more information on the hiking route here.

Find Your Way Out Of The Hedge Maze

Bright: Hedge Maze

Jamie In the Hedge Maze Close To Bright, Australia

Jamie loves hedge mazes so she made us all go – it was actually pretty fun. You drive like 10 minutes from Bright to Wandilogong. The staff told us you should find the two rose bushes and the two towers before you can leave the maze – so we made a competition out of it and had a lot of fun running through the maze. It is a bit run-down and people have created passages where there were none – but it is still a lot of fun.


Have A Drink At The Bright Brewery

It seems like every day the center of party and life is concentrated around the local brewery. The Bright Brewery is undoubtedly a great place to visit. There is live music on often, you can grab a bean bag chair and relax on the grass in the sun. They have great food and are also organizing the local ‚ÄėOktoberfest‚Äô knock-off. Oh and also, they have awesome beer to get rid of your thirst after any adventure.


Stop At Mount Hotham And Take In The Views

Bright: Mt Hotham

Beautiful And Eerie View On Top Of Mount Hotham Close To Bright, Australia

Why stop? It is because one thing we definitely recommend doing is to drive the Great Alpine Road from Bright back to the ocean. It will take you over the Victorian Alps without having to walk anywhere and can be a great alternative if you don’t have much time. Mt Hotham is the highest point of the road, at 1840 meters above sea level and some 55 km up the road from Bright. One of the countries few ski resorts can be found there. In the summer, you can start many hikes from here, while cheating the altitude a little bit.


Final Words

Out time in Australia is getting to an end and we recently talked about which places we liked most. Bright was definitely very high up that list, if not even the number one. It is not one THE places that people talk about when going to Australia. Heck, most people probably have no idea that it exists. But if you are into mountains, beautiful nature, possible cycling and hedge mazes… going to Bright is really a total no-brainer.

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