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Exploring New Zealand: Akaroa And Le Bons Bay

February 5, 2018
Akaroa: Summit Road

Last year I spent my first Christmas away from home. To make it special – even far away from home – we decided to head away from big cities and spend the time in the countryside. We picked the area of Akaroa – cause it is pretty close to Christchurch.

You can head there for a day trip or stay a whole weekend, I think its definitely worth it. Nature seems so “vibrant” and rich somehow. The colors are intense and breathtaking views wait for you behind every corner. But I also liked it because it feels really remote and like being in the countryside – even though it is not very far from a big city.

Akaroa: Le bons Bay

Beautiful View Over Le Bons Bay From Our Christmas Accommodation


Check Out Akaroa Township

The small town of Akaroa is just charming. So damn cute and mellow. There is not a lot to explore but you can make your way around slowly and have a snack or coffee here and there. A lot of French people have come to the area and therefore the street names all start with “rue” and you will find crepes and chocolateries etc. It kind of seems like out of this world.



The view over Akaroa When coming from the Summit Road

There are a bunch of cute little souvenir and gift shops, you can try some homemade fudge or ice cream or eat french food. If the normal places are a bit above your budget we found a funny little fish n chips place that was super cheap. And the portions were ridiculously big. Seriously, we took half of them with us for dinner.


Le Bons Bay: Swim All By Yourself

Akaroa: Le Bons Bay

Jamie In Le Bons Bay

We stayed quite a bit away from Akaroa, in the middle of nowhere direction Le Bons Bay. If you care for a drive along the windy mountain roads you can go there for a swim – chances are you will have the whole beach to yourself. The mellow mountainsides are full of high pasture and looks like it could be somewhere in Ireland or Scotland.


Get Car-Sick Along The Summit Road (But See Some Epic Views)

Akaroa: Summit Road

Summit Road of Akaroa. Scary But Also Beautiful

For a bit of an adventurous drive, you can head to the Summit road. It is very long and goes along several ridges. The view are just amazing. Check out the shot below to get a taste for them.


Akaroa: Summit Road View

Far Above Akaroa On The Summit Road, New Zealand

That’s it already. Akaroa doesn’t have a lot of things to explore – especially not if you are on a budget. But it is marvellous and beautiful so it is worth going there even if you can’t afford to rent a jetski 😉

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